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Dr. G. Padmaja

Head, Centre for Health Psychology

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Centre for Health Psychology
School of Medical Sciences
University of Hyderabad
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Prof. C.R. Rao Raod, Gachibowli,
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About the Centre

Health Psychology is a holistic approach to health and well-being. The holistic approach shifts the emphasis of health from biomedical to biopsychosocial model. Health Psychology is the field within psychology that studies every aspect from wellness to illness. It focuses on health promotion and maintenance, prevention and treatment of illness, the etiology and correlates of health, illness and dysfunction, and improvement of health care system.

The Centre for Health Psychology is the first ever Centre in Health Psychology in the Country. It was established in the University in 2007 with 13 students. The centre has now grown to more than 100 students pursuing three different courses in Health Psychology. The research focus of the Centre includes biopsychosocial aspects of chronic illness, quality of life, neuropsychological studies, ICU trauma, reproductive health, psycho-oncology, women’s health, disability studies, resilience studies, positive psychology, child and adolescent, community health, yoga, and peace psychology. The Centre has faculty with a research interest in several areas of Health Psychology.


The Centre for Health Psychology at the University of Hyderabad aspires to be a connoisseur in Psychology, where the students, research scholars, and faculty are to engage in excellent teaching, research, extension services, and collaboration to make significant contributions to the theory and practice of Psychology and to produce competent professionals who serve the society for the promotion of health and well-being.