Biomedical Research

Core laboratory I is equipped with instruments such as Thermo-cycler, Gel documentation System, Deep Freezers, Electrophoretic and Western Blot units, Shaker Incubator, Homogeniser and Autoclave.

The Histopathology Core laboratory is well equipped with microtome, tissue processing unit, slide warmer, water bath, laminar flow hood, hot air oven, Stereo-zoom and bright field microscopes; and digital balance.

The Cell culture core facility is equipped with a laminar flow hood, CO2 Incubator, Inverted Fluorescence Microscope with digital imaging for performing sterile cell culture based experiments. The research facility also has an established set-up for performing small animal based experiments for in-vivo model development.

Vision Research

The school is well equipped with various labs which include Contact Lens lab, Refraction lab, Low vision Lab, Binocular vision Lab. Each lab has modern equipment to train the students in different aspects of primary eye care.


A dedicated Public health computer lab to aid the masters in public health and Ph.D program in the School has been in the making at the old Deans Office, School of Medical Sciences facility through the support of the Plan grant to the school. 40 PCs, dedicated UPS and furniture has already been procured. Open Source software and wherever needed Proprietary software for the students and scholars shall be procured as per requirement and utilization through projects or special grants.